About Ayush Medical College

Ayush Medical College, operating under the esteemed Bateshwar Priya Educational Trust, stands as a distinguished institution committed to educational excellence and healthcare advancement in Purnia, Bihar. We prioritize the welfare of society through our educational and healthcare endeavors, aiming to support and uplift our students throughout their careers.

Educational Commitment:

Driven by a strong commitment to education and healthcare, Bateshwar Priya Educational Trust endeavors to elevate educational standards and enhance healthcare services for the benefit of the community. Ayush Medical College is an embodiment of this commitment, dedicated to fostering excellence in education and healthcare.

Embracing Naturopathy and Yoga:

At Ayush Medical College, our core mission is to propagate and advance education in Naturopathy and Yoga. We passionately advocate for these ancient sciences while emphasizing their modern relevance. We aim to equip our students with the skills and knowledge needed to address contemporary health challenges.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions:

We take pride in our pioneering efforts to revolutionize naturopathy and its applications. Our institution goes beyond traditional practices to tackle severe chronic and acute illnesses such as cancer, kidney failure, arthritis, diabetes, stroke, and other complex health conditions. Ayush Medical College aims to produce a competent healthcare workforce capable of addressing these challenges.

Student-Centric Approach:

Ayush Medical College places immense value on nurturing students. Our focus extends beyond academic excellence, offering unwavering support and guidance to our students even after they complete their qualifications. We are dedicated to helping our graduates succeed and make meaningful contributions to the healthcare sector.

Visionary Outlook:

Our vision for the future revolves around advocating holistic wellness as a cornerstone of healthcare. Ayush Medical College aims to lead the charge in promoting holistic healing, integrating naturopathy, yoga, and modern healthcare practices. We aspire to produce empathetic and skilled healthcare professionals who positively impact society.


Ayush Medical College, backed by Bateshwar Priya Educational Trust, is not just an institution but a force driving transformative education and innovative healthcare initiatives. With an unyielding dedication to education, healthcare innovation, and societal well-being, we aim to set a benchmark in the realms of holistic healthcare and education.

Recognitions and Approvals

  • Sunrise University
  • Naturopathy Certification Board, Ministry of AYUSH  
  • Yoga Certification Board, Ministry of AYUSH   
  • Maharishi Dayanand Education Group
  • Rural Health Education Council
  • All India Education Council

Established under the aegis of Bateshwar Priya Educational Trust, Trust Act. 1862, Indian Stamp Act-1899, Endorsement Under Section-52, 58, Registration under section

For further details about Ayush Medical College, our programs, and our commitment to holistic wellness, please contact us at +91-9264986958.